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Milstead Cabin Concept

Residential creations

Category: Residential

Location: The minds eye

This concept was extrapolated / inspired by a sketch and wonderful abstract work of architect and artist David Milstead. This organic cabin was designed by our team and made up of many artistic imaginings. The cabin features a long beautiful pyramidal rammed earth base bermed on one side. The opposite side of the structure features an all glass exterior wall with continuous planting on the exterior and interior creating a seamless connection to the outside. The front and rear of the cabin showcase sculptural concrete support systems with creative geometric window framing and art-glass. The cabin has no interior walls that extend to the exterior walls or ceiling thus allowing for a very open and flowing space. A row of skylights bring magical radiance into the space during the day. The sustainable structure utilizes a low Co2 concrete slab, wood beams, rammed earth, natural wood siding, low energy heating by boiler, grey water treatment and solar hot water.