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Earth Blossom House


Category: Residential

Location: Somewhere in the world

This colorful conceptual house gets its name from its blossoming nature. In plan the home looks like a lotus blossom. This dynamic floor plan flows with exciting spaces that delight the senses with light, space, color, and texture. Soaring ceilings and clerestory windows let a magical glow radiate on the interior walls of the the house throughout the day. Earth Blossom House features a dominant central fireplace and central living space. Off of the central living space one can access a bedroom, a library, a large bath, a kitchen or a dining area. There are special features such as a small koi pond and large artwork glass in the library. A large but cozy patio, which is lovely for lunch outside, is easily accessed by both the central living and the kitchen.

Craftsmanship and creativity emanate from all areas of the home. Wood beams and Japanese joinery are featured throughout the house. Sustainable materials such as rich warm rammed earth and complimenting reddish concrete guarantee to stun and delight every visitor.