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Location: Close to nature

The Cabino is a rare dwelling to find in the wild. Inspired by a native narrative and natural spirit. With it and within it you will feel at one with nature and your native heart.

This very open dwelling is a 360 degree circular rammed earth cabin. It embraces you and at the same time opens itself up to provide both shelter and contact from and with nature and the surrounding environment.

It is an energy efficient home with its passive solar consideration.

The Cabino has a dramatic private patio in its core that opens up to the heavens. The patio is completely open to all areas of the dwelling and can be accessed from any area. This unique home features a sun lit ,large long kitchen wall open to the patio.It has a private bath. It has a single sleeping area which also opens to the patio. It has a comfortable living area which opens up to both the interior patio as well as the exterior by french doors. The impressive and welcoming hand crafted front door with its beautiful stained glass will leave you speechless.

This comfortable and compact earthen cabin for two has a high ceiling to make it feel even larger. Circling the dwelling are a series of overhead windows that cast dazzling patterns of radiant light and beautiful shadows throughout the day.