01 / 05

Africa Eco School


Category: Commercial

Location: Benin, Africa

The Africa Eco School is a planned green building institute that will be multiplied across Africa to be a social and sustainable building catalyst. The idea is to train many thousands of people to use local materials and labour to create fair wage jobs while building housing for the masses. Subjects taught will be: Rammed earth construction, compressed earth brick manufacturing, stone masonry, eco- architecture, tile making, metal working, interior design, woodworking, building with bamboo, project management , clean energy, natural water treatment and permaculture.


The design of the building was inspired from traditional earth buildings in Benin that had a conical grass roof. We infused that inspiration into a moderns public structure that could not only serve as an eco-school but as a building for public functions such as weddings and seminars. Some key amenities inside include 2 auditoriums for classes and performances, staff facilities, lab, classrooms, kitchen and dining for 200 people. The central courtyard allows light and air into the public common spaces allowing social interaction and a place to relax. This building is poised to become a key venue in any community it is built in.