About Us

Green Dynasty is a global studio specializing in designing sustainable architecture using rammed earth and other sustainable mediums. Our team pairs ancient wisdom with modern methodology to create buildings that provide luxurious comfort to its occupants without having to rely as much on active heating and cooling. We use passive house design, and leverage local materials in our structures to reduce the construction footprint and energy footprint.

Masonry structures can last 500 years or more, so let’s build a lasting legacy together; one that future generations will be proud of.

Our Team

  • Clifton
    Lead Architect & Project Manager
  • Karl
    Architectural Designer
  • Kyle
    Real-Time 3D Visualizer & Technical Artist
  • Raz
    3D Architectural Visualizer & VR Technical Artist
  • Doug
    Foreman - Carpentry & Rammed Earth
  • Rees
    Solar Installer & Carpenters Apprentice